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  • Chris performing at Brixton Book Jam

  • On Monday 4 February - during the lead-up to the band's headline gig at Westminster Library - I appeared on the bill at a literary event called Brixton Book Jam, held at the Hootananny pub. This was the first time I had ever performed from Mockstars in public, and I have to say it seemed to go rather well... although it is possible that the people there were simply blinded by the fact that I r[...]
  • Who are The Lightyears?

  • Mockstars is loosely based on the international adventures of my band, The Lightyears. I've explained this in greater depth on the ABOUT page; alternatively, if you are impatient and/or unable to read, take a look at this video. It's a behind-the-scenes exclusive (exclusive, that is, to all people anywhere in the world with internet access) telling the story of our first ever gig at Wembley Stadiu[...]